Rabu, 08 Februari 2012

Boys and Cheating

So the Japanese boys around me are doing this popular thing called, "cheating". Familiar? Of course. Not only in here but throughout the world. It often happens. Some enjoy it some oppose it. But I don't want to talk about that. What I do want to talk about is how "cheating" can affect a person's way of thinking.
"cheating" does not do this to everyone, but it affects some of my Japanese friends and I actually wish that it will not continue. Both sides of each couple may be affected but it's the "cheater" that I am going to talk about here. And I am segmenting my focus to the guys.
Ok. So when a guy cheats, what happens to his relationship with his girlfriend? Break up? or move on from that problem and just continue with the relationship? Since the people around me chose to continue their relationship after the "cheating" incident, I'll talk about them.
I've just figured this out a couple of minutes ago and it's confirmed by the guys. So apparently, when guys cheat and they can just get away with it, pride popped out in their heads and it's hard to leave. Why? It is actually obvious, regardless of how their girlfriends would react, guys find girls they like, ask them out, and voila! they cheat on their girlfriend. And eventually their girlfriends find out, get mad, cry. But after that, suddenly their relationships are okay again. And here in Japan, their traditional culture that emasculate women and gives the high power to man makes the girls tend to forgive easily and keep their feelings inside. For these reasons, of course the guys will feel like they have pride, and also power over their girlfriends. Because they can cheat and after that their girlfriends will still take them back. The guys turned into thinking that nothing is wrong with this and being that kind of guy is cool. Hence, it is hard for them to stop.
So how about it, girls? What do you think about this? Any opinion comes to mind?

Selasa, 17 Mei 2011

Power to Control

I really want the power to control everything about my self. I want to be able to control when to sleep, when to feel hungry, when to feel tired, how to act, what to feel, and many others. How different would my life be if I'm equipped with that kind of ability. It would be the best. So God, if I am a good girl, and i deserve a gift, this would be it. Actually i want to control the world but that's your job so i'll settle for this.
tonight's feeling : nano nano
my eyeballs are as heavy as my accounting books. and yet i still wanna stay up for no reason.
good nite universe. good nite you <3

Jumat, 25 Maret 2011

Growing Up

Back then when i was in elementary school, i couldn't wait to grow up and go to junior high because it seemed cool and everything. But when i was in 9th grade, i feel like the world after junior high is gonna be serious because you've got to focus on your study and prepare yourself for college. I wished junior high could've lasted longer because it's all fun and games. Yeah it's only a wish. So time flew and now i am in college, everything feels even more serious. How can i live this kind of life with a brain of a 15 year old kid who doesn't want to grow up at all? i wonder, when will i actually grow up? when can i stop fooling around? when can i start thinking about the consequences of my decisions?
Each day we get older. Yes, not getting any younger. I feel like i'm wasting my time. But i don't want to waste my time. I want to get better each day. No more unproductive days. Yeah well maybe i can have some of it when i'm tired but i want to have it just when i realllyyyy need it. I hope this will transform into real actions immediately. Yosshh wish me luck!

Sabtu, 19 Maret 2011

Random Wondering

Baru2 ini gue ngmngin ini sm tmn2 gue. Tp emg dari dulu jg gue udh penasaran. Penasaran sama apa? Gue penasaran sm aturan pembagian jodoh. Skrg jumlah perempuan itu lbh bnyk dr jumlah laki2. Ada yg blg perempuan itu jmlhnya 2xnya laki2, ada jg yg blg 3x. Dan katanya setiap orang punya jodoh. Melihat jumlahnya, tidak mungkin satu laki2 berjodoh dgn hanya satu perempuan. Kalau seperti itu, apa yg terjadi dgn perempuan2 yg tersisa? Mereka semua jd lesbi dan nikah gitu aja? Ga jg dong. Trs gmn? Poligami? Ga semua perempuan mau di poligami. Coba aja tanya temen2 lu, mau ga di poligami. Coba cari 5 aja. Sejauh ini bahkan gue blm nemu tmn gue yg mau di poligami. Gue sendiri jg gamau di poligami. Gmn kalo bener semua cewe gamau di poligami? Pasti bnyk cewe yg jd janda kembang. Kasian amat. Entahlah, pusing jg mikirinnya. Lagian blm saatnya jg gue mikirin ginian.
Udah ah. saya mau makan keju saja. dadahhh

Aku ingin menjadi seperti...


Iya keju. Tau keju kan? Nah gue pgn jadi kaya itu.
Karena 6 alasan

Yg pertama
Keju pada dasarnya sudah enak. Ga perlu di apa2in, dimakan gitu doang aja udh enak.

Yg kedua
Kalo udh diolah, bs jadi makin enak lg. Enak luar biasa. Keju bisa diolah jd apa? Bisa diolah jd apa aja. Bisa jd cheese cake, cheese sticks, cheese balls, kastengels, dan msh bnyk lagi.

Yg ke-tiga
Keju itu bisa bikin yg hambar jd enak. Contoh, lu taro keju di atas roti tawar, mendadak tu roti tawar yg tdnya hambar bisa jd enak. Kalo lu masukin ke toaster oven, wih bs jd lbh enak lg. Apalagi kalo kejunya keju leleh. Behhhh. Pokoknya ga perlu usaha bnyk buat bikin yg hambar jd enak. Dgn keju, itu urusan gampang. Bahkan makanan yg ga enak sekalipun, kalo ditambahin keju bs jd enak.

Yg ke-empat
Keju bisa dikombinasikan dengan apa saja. Sama pizza, spaghetti, brokoli, kentang, takoyaki, sushi, anything! say any food name and i bet it'll taste good together with cheese.

Yg ke-lima
Keberadaan keju sangat penting. Coba aja bayangin kalo keju, keju enak yg lo sering makan, tiba2 ga ada.

Yg ke-enam
Keju disukai banyak org. Karena itu, bnyk org rela mengeluarkan uang untuk keju. Intinya, keju adalah produk yang sukses. Dan karena dia banyak yang membeli, tentu saja akan menghasilkan uang. Dan uang yg tdk sedikit karena yg suka jg bnyk.

Skrg coba bayangin kalo keju adalah orang, dan semua kelebihan keju yg td gue sebutin itu ada di satu orang. Bisa sesukses apa dia?
Itulah knp gue pgn jd seperti keju. Bahkan jadi ky susu dulu pun gue mau. Karena seenggaknya gue tau gue bisa dijadiin keju :)